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Entertainment “News” and a Video or Two

September 9, 2006

In yet another battle between Star Wars and Star Trek, Paramount has announced that the original Star Trek episodes have been enhanced ala Lucas, and that they will be aired in place of the failed Enterprise. I think this is likely a good move, and hope they look good. The original, undefiled episodes have all ready been released on DVD, and therefore I have no problem with any editing or enhancements of them now. Lucas pissed me off, because he hadn’t released the undefiled movies on dvd before releasing his ‘improved’ versions on dvd. At any rate, this is definately better than letting Rick Berman make another crappy show. When will Paramount boot his can across strange new galaxies?

For those of you that don’t know, Uwe Boll makes crappy movies. He then issued a challenge to his vocal detractors by giving them a boxing match. If he lost, he would quite making movies. The problem is, his most vocal critics are chodes like me who are in horrible shape and have no business in a ring. Add that to the fact that Boll apparently used to be a semi-professional boxer, and Boll gets to continue making awful movies. Here is a video of the “fight.” I didn’t bother watching the whole thing, but the second round action picks up a bit.

Finally, here is a video of a cat that looks a bit like Gizmo, falling asleep.

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