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Pixels, and Conventions, and Weird Al, Oh My

September 23, 2006

As I was tooling around with some videos, I noticed a stuck pixel on my 19″ LCD monitor. I was not amused, but I remembered that there were some fixes for such a problem. After a quick eugoogaley, I found this page that helped me get my lost pixel back.

I also was looking round YouTube for a video that mocks Civil War Reenactment, which truly can be an enlightening experience (Go CSA!). As I was looking for said video, I also found this video that covered a convention. I must say, it looked like it could have been fun. I could see myself going to such a convention, but I guarantee you that I wouldn’t dress up in anything other than my leather cod piece with jewel encrusted dragon head. That’s all I would wear. My cellulosic rear would be in full display.

Weird Al’s new album is out (well, in some forms at least), and so are a couple of videos. Here is the video for Don’t Download this Song. Here is the video for my favorite song on the album, White & Nerdy.

Finally, here is a guy covering OutKast’s “Hey Ya” on acoustic guitar.  I love the original, but I think I actually like this version just as much.

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