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Best file transfer site

November 6, 2006

Over the last week, I have concluded that MailBigFile is by far the most dependable and versatile of the several sites I have used to send large attachments.

Its only drawback is a limit in file size.  However, this limited size (512 mb) is larger than that imposed by other sites that limit file size.

Additionally, MailBigFile doesn’t require an account to use!  I hate registering with sites when I don’t have to, and according to MailBigFile, I don’t.

Finally, MailBigFile didn’t timeout.  I was using SendThisFile for a 580 mb file, and it timed out at around 65%.  I was not amused.  So, I split the file up with winrar, made two archives, and sent those files via MailBigFile.  I will use no other service now, and the only way they can possibly improve is to increase the file size limit to a gig or so.

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  1. November 8, 2006 2:52 pm

    Thanks very much for linking to We are always interested in feedback from users, so if you have any further comments on the site then please let us know!

    – Glen

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