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More random slayings

November 7, 2006

Literally in this case – Here’s what I don’t get: if someone is too dangerous to be in society because they are apt to kill someone else, who cares if they are mental or otherwise? Put ’em to death. That might be my fascist side talking, or it could just be the cold, rational bits.

Funny World of Warcraft forum screenshot – Might as well stick with the whole geek/death theme. Kind of funny, especially if it’s true.

Star Trek motivational postersThe other day I posted a link to a site that allowed you to make your own motivational posters. Apparently, this guy found it too.

Lyrics to The Bonnie Blue Flag – I also posted a link to a book that had Civil War song lyrics. Well, this link has some lyrics to the classic Confederate song that includes the great state of Missouri.

Add chat to your site – I would, but no one visits, so why bother?

Huge collection of fonts – I haven’t actually downloaded any, but some of em at least appear to be free.

TV Show fonts – There are tons of specialized fonts here too.

Automatic Wallpaper Changer – This program updates or changes your wallpaper on your desktop. Looks like it should work ok.

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