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From Full of Poop to Tub of Poop.

November 9, 2006

Faith Hill’s reaction to losing at the CMA – I don’t know why she is so shocked. She’s just another marketing ploy in country who sings other people’s music.

Faith Hill of course said she was joking – Why not just admit it? At least then I could have a semblance of respect for you.

Syndrome can keep people asleep for weeks – Man, that would suck, eh?

Australia’s drought worst in over 1000 years – Just another good reason not to go there. I think we should aid them by collecting all of our urine in the United States, and sending them that by airdropping it on them all.

Zakk Wylde set to make a movie called The Berserkers – I thought Berserkers specifically referred to military? Oh well, I’m sure it will be gay. Even Zakk says so.

Recipe for orange julius – I was craving some orange julius the other day, and Joshua hooked me up with the recipe.

Impressive Mario Bros Theme – Joshua also sent me this video of some guy playing Mario on two guitars at the same time. Pretty awesome parlor trick.

Jacuzzi accident – WARNING, this video might be considered distrubing or otherwise not safe for work. There is no nudity, but… well, look at the title of this post to get an idea. Not as bad as it sounds, but kind of gross. I laughed so hard I nearly crapped my pants too.

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