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A Passel of Poo

November 16, 2006 – A rather nifty idea to easily add chat capabilities to your site. All you do, is add in front of any url, and presto, you have chat capabilities.

Did this cat breed with a dog? – A Rather interesting little article with an intriguing picture. What would the females of the litter be called? Pitches? Bussies? It wouldn’t be the first incident of successful cross-species offspring. That “honor” resides with Michael Jackson and whoever it was that supplied the egg for poor Blanket.

Outrage as Church backs calls for severely disable babies to be killed at birth – Ahh, the good, old Church of England.

Top 10 Most Rascist Commercials – I love rascist jokes. They make a mockery of hateful comments. Anyone with any reason can see that they actually help race relations. Except the Mexicans. As we all know, they have no reason. Just beans.

Funny Rumsfeld video edit on Craig Ferguson’s show – I like Ferguson. He and Conan are the only late shows worth watching.

Yet another collection of TV shows – A wider selection than most sites offers.

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