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Garrett Wang

December 15, 2006

That hair isn't Starfleet regulation.

Garrett Wang played Harry Kim on the disapointing Star Trek: Voyager. The show seemes to have no continuity or consistency in terms of character development or technological advances the crew encountered. Kim was no exception to the rule.

It doesn’t seem like Wang (pronounced Wong) is doing much in the business, but he is attached to the aforementioned Star Trek webisode mini-series, Of Gods and Men.

In Star Trek related news, it seems Star Trek XI is a go. I just hope it doesn’t involve Rick Berman. I would love to see Jonathan Frakes finally take control. Matt Damon as Kirk wouldn’t hurt my feelings either. Whatever the case, just make sure it’s a good story with NO plot holes. Crap sake. You have the most anal fan base in the world. Utilize them in test screenings to make sure everything fits within the existing Star Trek universe.

Wang is 38.

Other birthdays: Don Johnson, Michael Shanks, Helen Slater, and Tim Conway.

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