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December 20, 2006

What a chode.

Weird Al interviews Kevin Federline – I love Weird Al’s interviews, and this one doesn’t disapoint.

I'd still bang her.

Weird Al interviews Jessica Simpson – If he doesn’t have these available on dvd, all of them that is, then he needs to.

I love this show.

Watch every episode of Heroes online – Every TV show should do this.  Media is changing, and more networks should do likewise.

Inara is super hot.

Firefly Reborn as Online UniverseFirefly was an awesome show, and the closest thing we’ll likely see to a sequel to Serenity is this MMORPG.  I still won’t play it, because MMORPGs are gay.

I wish you could set up video playlists in MCE.

Yougle – Watch YouTube and Google videos in Media Center.  It works pretty well.

Merry ant-Christmas.  Click to enlarge.

South Park Libertarians – An interesting article with Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

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