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December 27, 2006

Funny stuff.

The Divorce Song – Webby sent me a link to this rather funny video.

The guy was awesome.

Mitch Hedberg – Mitch Hedberg was one of my favorite comedians. His delivery was awesome, and his jokes were hilarious. Sucks that he died so early. This is just one sample, and I highly suggest looking round YouTube for more.

They need a logo.

UFC Junkie – An informative blog dealing with the UFC and MMA in general.

I lifted the image from the source.

Pill that tricks you into losing weight – Fat people everywhere, rejoice! This pill sounds promising. You know, if you are too lazy, weak, or uninspired to change your lifestyle. Yes, I know there are some with legitimate physical factors that contribute to obesity, but the vast majority of us are just sedentary slobs.

One day.

GB-PVR – A seemingly nice software that turns your PC into a digital video recorder. I need to get a decent TV tuner card to test this out, but that seems rather pointless given the fact that we use DISH. Cable just works better with tuner cards.

I had this issue.  Click for bigger version.

Cover Browser – An extensive collection of comic book and various other covers.

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