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Maggie Smith

December 28, 2006

I couldn't find a recent pic of her out of character.

I could have gone with either Nichelle Nichols or Denzel Washington today, but I decided to go with Maggie Smith instead.  Smith has been most visible as Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is due out next year.  With the exception of perhaps Alan Rickman, Smith is the most irreplaceable actor/actress in the cast.

I also recently watched Keeping Mum which also stars Rowan Atkinson, Kristen Scott Thomas, and Patrick Swayze.  As a whole, the film was pretty darned good, and much of it is due to Smith’s fantastic performance.  She’s been in the business for many years, and there are few, if any, actresses of her age group that are doing better work.

Smith is 72.

Other birthdays:  Nichelle Nichols, Denzel Washington, Mackenzie Rosman, and Edgar Winter.

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  1. Webby permalink
    December 28, 2006 2:36 pm

    Blech Simon from 7th Heaven kinda ugly now.

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