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Linkless in Seatle

February 18, 2007

Awesome site.

Web Gallery of Art – An awesome online museum of fine art.

Awesomce collection.

Dr. Macro’s High Quality Movie Scans – An awesome collection of old movie stills and promotional shots.

Some nice shots.

Jim MacMillan’s War photography – News photographer based in Philadelphia.

Be the ultimate piano hero!

Piano Hero – Sure, the interface looks nasty, but the idea is cool. One advantage over Guitar Hero is that you actually learn to play the song on piano.

Still one of my favorite movies.

Audio sample of Metallica’s cover of “Ecstasy of Gold” – For the Ennio Morricone tribute album. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing, and I really can’t wait for the new album.

I missed my chance to see them.

Nickel Creek covering Britney Spear’s “Toxic” – Someone beat me to it! Still, my version of the song sounds way different.

Zakk Wylde.

Zakk Wylde playing “As Dead as Yesterday on acoustic” – A great song.

Snow is more fun when you're little.

Remembring the great snow storm of 1982 – This is one of my earliest confirmed memories. I remember playing outside, and then Josh and I kept running in and out of the house. Finally, Mom and Dad got upset with us letting out the hot air and dragging snow inside, so they made Lewis, Brent, and Randolph come inside too. Hehe, sucked to be them. I just stumbled upon this the other day. I’m not sure why KMOV had it on their site.

I miss Julius Hunter.

KMOV’s schedule – I have an HD antenna for my tv/monitor, and so I wanted to be able to easily check to see what was on. The CBS affiliate.

Fox cancels the good shows and leaves crap.

FOX 2 – Fox affiliate.

I hate Mike Bush.

KSDK’s schedule – The NBC affiliate.

No Doctor Who or Red Dwarf.

KETC schedule – I get four KETC/PBS stations. Of course, one is PBS Kids, but the other three are nice. Ownage.

They no longer will carry Cards games.

KPLR 11 – The CW affiliate.  They used to be the best independent station in the nation back in the day.

Mostly watch for sporting events.

KDNL – The ABC affiliate in the Lou.

I watch once in a while.

My46 – I don’t even know what affiliation this station is, but it shows some ok stuff now and then.


Make your own word search puzzle – Can come in handy.

Not the most common name.

Fire Insurance Documents for Nathaniel Harty – Bought in 1868! I just stumbled upon this and thought it was pretty funny. I totally would have bought it if I’d seen it before the auction closing.

Hiccups can be annoying.

Supposedly full-proof hiccup remedy – I will try this next time I get hiccups.

I want the Pacific front show.

Every Episode of Band of Brothers – Streaming for easy access. I somehow doubt this site is legal, however I think it is solid advertising for the DVD box set. If you like the show, buy it. I wish more studios/copyright holders would employ this method. Sure, there are going to be those who won’t buy your stuff, but watching a low quality version might be enough to land some sales. I know I’ve made purchases after “sampling” things online.

Great idea.

Free La Fonera WiFi router – The idea is that you set up hot spots so other FON users can have internet access across North America and the U.K. Pretty awesome idea really. They cover shipping and everything. You just need to free up some bandwidth. Only 10,000 free routers, so act now if you’re interested.


Cargo Cult lives on in South Pacific – An incredibly interesting situation.

Hot Fuzz owns.

What are you laughing at?Simon Pegg‘s take on the comparison between British and American comedy. After several minutes of discussion, we’ve determined American comedies to have a slight edge in terms of the rare superior comedies.

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  1. Webby permalink
    February 18, 2007 2:13 pm

    Did you hear that Simon Pegg showed ALL of his family a movie he was in and forgot that he was naked in a few scenes? So he accidentally flashed his WHOLE family. haha He sister said “EWW!” whereas his Mom said something like “oh it’s changed”. HAHA!

  2. February 18, 2007 5:33 pm

    Haha, hadn’t heard that. Funny.

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