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David Thewlis

March 20, 2007

 Here he be.

I’m mostly going with David Thewlis because I can’t wait for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to come out.  He was also in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Kingdom of Heaven, Dragonheart, and The Big Lebowski.

Thewlis is 44.

Other birthdays: Christy Carlson Romano, Chester Bennington, Holly Hunter, Spike Lee, William Hurt, Pat Riley, and Carl Reiner.

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  1. Webby permalink
    March 20, 2007 10:10 am

    Hey we got the mail today. Thanks again! You know, I read that site about Chester Bennington. I didn’t know he had divorced Samantha and remarried. I didn’t even know about his side project “snow white tan”. I guess cause I moved on to My Chemical Romance I haven’t been following up on Linkin Park. Oh well…

  2. March 20, 2007 10:13 am

    Did you guys get your copies of Chappelle?

    I think I forgot to add them. Let me know.

  3. Webby permalink
    March 21, 2007 10:43 am

    no Chappelle show but we did get Heroes and that Joseph CD. Am I supposed to give that to Dale when we go see him tomorrow (prolly).

  4. March 21, 2007 12:52 pm

    Yeah, go ahead and give him that copy. I will send you guys out a copy with Chappelle.

  5. Webby permalink
    March 21, 2007 3:56 pm

    cool thanks again

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