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Lucking Finks

March 24, 2007

Yeah, as you can see, I’ve run out of semi-clever titles for link posts.  You know it’s bad when I’m stealing joke ideas from Dickie Roberts.  That’s just nucking futs.  Any ideas?

Build your own TARDIS – Well, a small model version anyway.

Need more time.

Dr. Who TARDIS Transition – This is a tutorial on how to make a clip of the TARDIS flying through space.  I need to start learning how to do special effects, and this looks like a fairly easy first project.

Screw you, Olney!

7 Wonders of Illinois – First of all, I think the idea is pretty gay.  Illinois doesn’t have a single structure I would consider a man-made wonder.  That brings me to my next gripe.  Wonders aren’t the magnificence of nature.  Wonders must be man-made, because it’s a wonder that we could build such a thing.  Of course nature is full of fantastic things, because God made them.  With no disrespect intended, I can of expect that of Him.  Not so much from we human types.  This list, which is no shortened from previous weeks of voting, has several natural locations to choose from, or even a lousy, white squirrel.  Is that the legacy Illinois wants?  “Our most magnificent wonder is a white squirrel.”  Hold me back.  I won’t consider my life complete till I see the white friggin’ squirrels of Olney, Illinois.

It's a cool looking cat.

New species of leopard – Guess what?  This isn’t a wonder of Borneo, but a rather impressive cat that, though not much larger than a house cat, has the largest teeth of any in the cat family.

Could really come in handy.

M-Audio MXL – A fairly nice set of mics and a pre-amp for recording with, and at a really cheap price.

I want some old Arcade machines.

A.S.S. – Note the punctuation.  This video is a mockumentary about the real A.S.S., the gaming legend who has the high score for almost every arcade game ever made.  A.A.A. is just a poser.  A.S.S. is the real deal.

Pretty interesting.

Dave Crigger instructional videos – Somehow I doubt posting these on YouTube is legal, but I appreciate them anyway.  I didn’t know who Crigger was at first, but apparently he was in Foghat and thinks he’s a real cool guy.

His other videos are worth watching too.

To Our Americans Serving in Iraq – I like this guy.  He doesn’t mince words, and that is precisely why he’ll never make it in politics.  That doesn’t mean he isn’t right though.

Space, the final frontier.

Celestia – This is a rather cool program that lets you look around what we know of the Universe.  Best of all, it’s free!

Vista is the shizz.

XPDE Desktop Environment – This build of Linux is trying to ease the transition for users switching from Windows.  I still don’t really feel the need to do that, but I like that they are trying to give alternatives.

I need to be able to snipe on Gasworks.

Jumbot – We recently started playing Half-Life again for LAN games.  It was released in 1998, and is still a lot of fun to play.  We had to get Jumbot, as it’s a highly customizable mod that adds bots to the game.  Unfortunately, I’m having problems zooming in with weapons now.  Otherwise, and I’m not entirely convinced it’s Jumbot’s fault, the program rocks.

One day it will be mine.  Oh, yes.

Florida GunWorks – I happened upon this site the other day.  Seems to have a fairly nice and affordable selection of guns.  It’s on my to-shop-when-I’m-rich list.

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