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Dennis Quaid

April 9, 2007

Don't think it's terribly recent.

I like Dennis Quaid. His only real competition today was Jay Baruchel, and only because I loved Undeclared. Quaid on the other hand, has been in several things that I liked, and I actually liked him in them. A novel concept.

Breaking Away is not only one of the greatest sports movies ever made; it’s also an excellent commentary on class divisions. Great Balls of Fire! was ok, but Quaid was quite good. The Alamo is similar in nature, except the movie was no where near as good. Quaid and Billy Bob Thornton were both good, especially Thornton, but the rest of the movie pretty much stunk. Dragonheart hit on all cylinders. Not only was Quaid good, but the cast was pretty strong, the soundtrack was good, the story moved along, and the special effects didn’t cripple the film. The Day After Tomorrow was just… well, everyone makes a mistake once in a while. His was signing on to do a crappy film.

Quaid is 53.

Other birthdays: Jay Baruchel and Keshia Knight Pulliam.

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  1. Brent permalink
    April 9, 2007 7:17 am

    Did you ever see Innerspace. It was a favorite growing up. Hysterical! Of course, I haven’t watched it was a grown up, so I’m not sure if I’d still find it quite as funny. Funny how that works that way sometimes :)

  2. April 9, 2007 3:13 pm

    Ahh, yes. How did I miss that one. Yeah, that was good. It had Martin Short in it too.

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