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April 13, 2007

It’s amazing how quickly I amass a dozen or so interesting links.

Awesome time-saver.

Quickly embed an image without hotlinking – I used this for the post about the projector.  A handy friggin’ tool that I might use more often.

I had some cool records when I was younger.

Huge collection of mp3 – Someone sent me a link to this site that has TONS of interesting albums.  Most appear to be old albums for kids and what not.  One day I will snag some of them.

Huge collection.

STENCILRY – Joshua and I found this site when we were looking for images to use in the Black Market Pit deck.  There are gobs of stencils.

Might end up going this route.

PlainCards – Speaking of Black Market pit; I was looking for a way to print the cards off, and so far this appears to be the best option.  For about $24 I could get enough card sheets to print off the deck, and an aerosol can for putting a finish on the cards.  There is a software suite they sell to which might be worth it to print off the cards easier.  It would cost an additional $15.  Then I’d also have to get a cheap color printer to actually print the cards.  Even with all of that included, it’s cheaper than Kinko’s was charging.

Who knew Joe had such a cool site? – This site is full of cool customizations for Vista.

And a certain media player.

Shooter468 – Speaking of Vista, this site has the Vista games available for use in XP, and a few other interesting things.

He can do Star Wars.

Shatner Singing to Lucas – This is classic.  I wish I had a good copy of the whole show.

Guy is annoying though.

Light saber Tutorial for After Effects – This is the tutorial I followed for doing that video of Joe with the saber.

They were fun to watch.

Gnarls Barkley’s Smiley Faces video – Noe sent me links to several music videos, and this is the first.  Gnarls Barkley were good live.

Sarah needs to wear sleaves more often I think.

Cindy Lauper with Sarah McLachlan singing “Time After Time” – Cindy Lauper’s music is good.  I just wish she’d keep her mouth shut when it comes to politics.  I could say the same about virtually any entertainer.

One of the few redheads I actually like.

Regina Spektor performing Fidelity on Good Morning America – I love Regina Spektor.  I’m still bitter that we missed her show in St. Louis.  She’s really starting to take off now, which is cool, but also slightly annoying in a selfish sort of way.

I want a Dusseldorf video.

Regina Spektor performing Apres Moi – Another great song.

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  1. Webby permalink
    April 14, 2007 3:48 pm

    yah I like Gnarles Barkley’s new video. It’s pretty funny. Plus it has Ziggy from Quantum Leap in it. The Shatner thing was funny too. I much prefer the slower version of Fidelity that she does int he “official” music video though. I liked how it kept getting louder until the part where she drops the heart necklace and she’s practically screaming her heart out.

  2. Webby permalink
    April 16, 2007 1:43 pm

    You missed Michael Kamen b-day yesterday. He’s dead but…yah.

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