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Cards just beat the FLINKing Cubs in 10

April 22, 2007

I've never trusted them, and I never will.

50% Good News is the Bad News in Russian Radio – I still don’t trust the Russians, and apparently they don’t like us much either as “the United States was to be portrayed as an enemy.” Suck it, Putin.

Lousy Ruskies.

How we made the Chernobyl rain – Speaking of Russia, this article is interesting especially considering the link I did the other day about China. What’s with Commies and weather control?

Jazz blows.

Joscho Stephan -Django’s Tiger – Noe sent me this video. I can’t say I like jazz much, but the playing is impressive.

Crack kills.

Star Wars Episode III and 7/8 – Noe sent this video too. It has to be the lamest Star Wars video I’ve ever seen. I post this just to keep the geek chronicles in the back of my head. I still have a couple of links and photos I plan on ranting on soon.

Nothing but a bunch of nappy-haired hos.

Weird Al Polkarama – Yet another submission from Noe. They took the audio from Weird Al’s latest polka, and added the video from the songs he covers. Kind of interesting. People need to write better stuff so Weird Al has more to choose from.

You ate Blue?

Rigoletto – The Melody Within – Adrienne sent me the next two videos. This first is from a rather lame movie called Rigoletto. I actually like the music though. I just wish they had uploaded the best song as opposed to this annoying girl singing.

Sing for your supper.

Philip Quast – Javert’s Suicide – I’ll finish up with the show-stopper. Philip Quast is my favorite Javert, and Javert is my favorite character in Les Miserables. This is from the concert.

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  1. Webby permalink
    April 22, 2007 10:17 pm

    hehe I suppose you didn’t like that song by The Early November, then? Would you like me to send links to a majority of Les Miserable 10th Anniversary thing? Like “On My Own”, “Stars”, “Fall of Rain”, and “I dreamed a dream”?

  2. April 23, 2007 2:56 am

    No, I didn’t like the guys voice, and the song just went nowhere.

    I appreciate the offer with Les Miz, but nah. I think one link is enough. Thanks though.

  3. Kryten permalink
    April 23, 2007 11:10 pm

    i painfully watched that whole star wars thing….ouch.

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