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Jessica Alba

April 28, 2007

Can't say I like the hair color change.

When I saw that today was Jessica Alba‘s birthday I knew it was a no-brainer.  Then I saw that today is also Penelope Cruz‘s birthday, and I hesitated for almost a second.  Alba is just too hot.  Cruz is a much better actress, and seems to have a far superior intellect, but… well, Alba has a better butt.  Better everything in that regards really.

That’s not to say that Alba is bereft of talent.  I never saw her TV show, but I have seen Sin City and Fantastic Four.  Neither demanded much in the way of acting chops, which is probably a good thing, but she did quite well in the eye candy department.  Alba is also going to be in the much anticipated second volume, Sin City 2.

I later learned that she refused to do any nudity which raised her stock in my opinion.  You lose a great deal of hotness if you’re flashing your bacon and eggs for all the world to see on a constant basis.

Alba is 26.

Other birthdays: Penelope Cruz, Jay Leno, Ann-Margret, and Mary McDonnell.

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