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May 8, 2007

Had few interesting moments.

The Mormons documentary on PBS – You can watch the whole thing online, but I’m not really sure why you’d want to.  It wasn’t horrible, but wasn’t great either.  It lacked primary sources for the discussions involving the early days of The Church, and focused too much on angry feminists and fags (being PC is lame – you can call me a devil worshiping Mormon if it makes you feel any better) who were excommunicated.

Why they used this picture for the article, I don't know.

Latter-day Saints Respond to Media Attention – The Church’s official site had this news article as a, you guessed it, response to the PBS programming.

I like the other guy too.

Superbad trailer – I hope this movie is funny.  I’m a big fan of Seth Rogen (the cop on the right) who wrote this film, and I’m also glad to see Michael Cera continue to work.  The kid is funny.

Not bad.

MacGyver theme song on acoustic – Nick sent me this video.  Not too shabby.

Can't wait for the new one.

Cliff Burton and Kirk Hammett audio interview from 1984 – This is a fairly interesting interview from the Metallica members from back in the day.  Nothing earth shattering, but worth a listen for Metallica fans I guess.

Cookie Monster rocks, and Sesame stinks now.

The real Computer Monster – An old, and I thought amusing, video of The Cookie Monster eating a computer.  It appears that Cookie Monster is green in the video.

CS is gay.

Teen Arrested for Counter-Strike Map – Some kid got arrested for making a map of his high school to use for Counter-Strike.  I know several of us had talked of making a Half-Life multiplayer map of the Hillsboro High School several years ago.  I still think it would make a good map.

Might try it later.

Hamachi – Hamachi is program that sets up a virtual LAN over the net.   Andrew and I tried to use it, and we couldn’t get it to work quite as we hoped.  Then again, I wasn’t thorough in determining why it didn’t work.  Maybe I will try it again sometime in the future if given the right motivation.

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  1. May 10, 2007 11:30 am

    Didn’t watch the PBS special. My mom did, and said that it was ok. neither positive or negative. Maybe if i’m really bored one day. maybe.

    did like the cookie monster thing. jim thought it was soooo funny.

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