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Still not sure why

May 17, 2007

But for some reason I couldn’t get the videos to work again on the other post. So, I deleted them and decided to just repost them. Still not entirely sure why it didn’t work, but I have a couple of guesses.

I think I will just embed the videos from now on rather than making links as it saves me some hassle. It might take a little longer for the post to load if I have several videos, but oh well.

Here is the video for Rush’s new single, Far Cry. I haven’t given the album a thorough listen yet, but so far it’s no 2112. Then again, aside from 2112, what is?

Noe sent me this one. Looks like holodecks are getting closer everyday.

This video is a Robot Chicken bit about Calvin and Hobbes that I thought was pretty funny.

This is Dave Mustaine, aka Mr. Megadeth, playing Guitar Hero 2 on French TV. I was curious what real guitarists thought of the game.

Nick sent me this one. I’m not a big fan of Opeth at all, but they actually have a decent sound on the songs with singing. If they dropped the lame cookie monster schtick I might actually listen to em.

I think Noe sent me this one too. Michael Bolton screws up the national anthem. He isn’t the first, and the pressure has to be pretty significant, but Michael Bolton is a wanker.

Joshua sent me this one. It’s more of that beatboxing flute player.

Joshua also sent me this one. I’d seen it before, but I don’t think I’d linked to it. All kinds of crazy, parlor trick guitarists out there. Here’s one playing the Super Mario Brothers theme with two guitars at the same time.

Sticking with the Super Mario theme, Joshua sent me this one too. I still don’t really see the point of an 11 string bass, but the guy is good.

I wanted to see more by the bassist, and I found him playing the Legend of Zelda theme too.

Joshua also sent this video of the oft played Mario theme on acoustic guitar. It’s especially good after the main theme ends.

Contortionists scare me.

Noe sent me this one too. It’s called the nickel trick. Pretty funny, but quite dangerous and enough of a reason to kill the perpetrator afterwards.

I’m turning on my anti-Indian cap now. I just don’t find the culture appealing in any way shape or form. The music, the clothing, the architecture, the smells, the outsourcing, the colors, and everything else that is identified with the culture and that part of the world disgusts me. Everything that is, except for cobras.

I consider the cobra to be the most impressive and menacing animal on the face of the planet. Nothing scares me more, and I have a near morbid curiosity and respect for the animal. That’s why the following video annoys me. They de-fang the snake, and seal the mouth shut with string. Now, I don’t advocate throwing a cobra into a play area for small children, and I would certainly have no problems killing the snake if it could harm the child, but this particular situation angers me. I would rather watch a completely healthy snake in a confined area with the parents.

Now for some standard links.

100 days with a real guy. A lifetime with Henry Hallgren. – This site is awesomely disturbing. It reminded me of the Audrey Tautou film He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. Admittedly, you have to suffer through about 90 fairly uneventful “days” before you get the really interesting payoff, but the Slytherin side of me laughed.

Visual DNA – This is another one of those personality tests, but they take a much different approach. For each category you pick the visual depiction that you feel applies best. I retook it this time with slightly different answers. My results were:

Mood – Dreamer

Fun – Thriller

Habits – New Wave Puritan

Love – Love Bug

So what does all of this mean? Absolutely nothing.

Joost – Joost is a program that lets you watch TV via the internet. Right now it’s still in beta, and there is a fairly limited amounted of programming, but the potential is good. If you want an invite, let me know.

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  1. May 17, 2007 8:24 am

    Looks to be working now.

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