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Jimmy Carter needs to concentrate on just making houses

May 21, 2007

Has senility kicked in perhaps?

I used to have a tremendous amount of respect for Jimmy Carter. I thought he was a genuinely good man who was sent packing by a corrupted American society. Granted, I wasn’t alive for much of his administration, but that was my understanding of his presidency for many years.

After several boneheaded, malicious, and down right unnecessary comments in recent years, I am forced to see that Jimmy Carter is a bitter, shortsighted, and increasingly unimportant man. It’s one thing for pretentious actors and musicians to ridicule the office of president. I expect it from those arrogant, detached morons. It’s quite another for a former president to assail the sitting Commander in Chief.

My respect, albeit fairly low in some regards, for President Clinton has grown tremendously in the last several years as time and time again he has chosen to respect the office rather than denigrate it and himself by slandering or backbiting President Bush. Now, I am not a huge fan of President Bush. There are several issues with which he and I disagree, and I am quite sure President Clinton finds himself in a similar situation. Yet, President Clinton has had ample opportunity to rail against him, but he recognizes that the office is bigger than the man in it. I guess Jimmy Carter missed that memo.

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