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June 9, 2007

These two, known as Harptallica, are releasing a cover album soon of Metallica songs:

The previous group of course reminded me of Apocalytica:

Looking at covers done with different instruments than the originals, I found this video of a guy playing Van Halen and Metallica on violin:

I think I like this guy’s work better, but he just does Van Halen:

Then I found this Turkish guy playing Metallica on a baglama, and I thought it sounded pretty cool:

He and his brother also did Red Hot Chili Peppers:

This is a pretty clever idea using Back to the Future, although the song they used is Cookie Monster Metal:

This is a funny video of a three year old. I like how she looks all confused when her mother laughs:

Mitt Romney answering a question about being LDS, and has a real-time graph of approval rating which I think is cool:

John Lennon tribute album coming out soon to help raise money for DarfurRegina Spektor has a track on the album, and as expected, did quite well. I can’t vouch for the rest of the album, as I haven’t listed to it, but you can listen to streams of every track if you follow the link.

JOHN5 Interview/lesson/performanceJOHN5 is quickly becoming one of my favorite guitarists, and I found this interview interesting. Then it was fun to just watch him play the track too. The guy’s a stud.

Vancouver patient oozes green blood – Sounds like Star Trek IV, but Spock some how ended up a bit north of San Francisco.

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