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Chauncey Leopardi

June 14, 2007

 I just couldn't find a picture.  This is from the Freaks and Geeks DVD menu.

Chauncey Leopardi isn’t exactly a household name, but he’s been in two things that I really like.  He was Squints in The Sandlot, which is probably the best baseball movie ever made.  In my opinion, the closest competition is Field of Dreams and maybe Major League.  Unfortunately, they made a The Sandlot 2 which I have no plans of ever seeing, and they made a The Sandlot 3 in which Leopardi resumes his role.  I might watch this straight to video release if I happen to see it on TV.

Leopardi was also in the greatest hour-long TV comedy of all time, Freaks and Geeks.  He played a bit of a bully, but did it well.

I had forgotten that he was in the surprisingly amusing Houseguest with Sinbad and Phil Hartman.  Leopardi is in Casper and I happened to see him in an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation while flipping through the channels once.  I only watched for a few minutes.  He played a pedophile.  He’s gone from devious admirer, to bully, to pedophile.  Maybe he can work his way up to a serial killer in his next role.

Leopardi is 26.

Other birthdays: Daryl Sabara, Steffi Graf, Yasmine Bleeth, Boy George, Donald Trump, and Marla Gibbs.

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