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June 15, 2007

Turn off Spanish TV – It’s rare that a politician utilizes common sense, but I guess this is why they don’t do it more frequently. The Governator, himself an immigrant and thus more understanding of the situation than most, encouraged his Spanish-speaking constituents to forsake Spanish media and instead immerse themselves in English media. You know, because they’re in America, and should learn the language of the land. Predictably, one of those addressed retorted, “I’m sitting shaking my head not believing that someone would be so naive and out of it that he would say something like that.” Yeah, it’s real naive that we should expect immigrants to assimilate to American culture. This is why the border situation is so important. They don’t want to be Americans. They want to be Mexicans, but have all of the advantages of living in America. Suddenly, the idea of internment camps seems more appealing.

China Arming Terrorists – I love the Chinese, but their government is acting in a way that will lead to war, yet most Americans don’t see the Chinese as a threat. My faith in society is irreparably damaged. At this point, I don’t think most Americans are capable of a sound decision in regards to nose-picking, let alone international policy.

Poll finds most of the world is cool with China catching up with the U.S. – You know, except the rest of Asia who recognize that the current regime in China would rip them a new one. Considering how poorly they treat their own people, I can understand the concern of the neighboring countries.

Squirrel goes on rampage, injures 3 – This story caught my attention, because I recently had a dream in which squirrels were persistently finding their way into my room and running amok. I’m pretty sure the dream stemmed from a recent viewing of Reno 911!: Miami in which they talk about a squirrel infestation at the sheriff’s department.

I’ve seen this video before, but I just dig it. Trujillo’s intro solo to “For Whom the Bell Tolls” is awesome. Sounds a bit like Geezer Butler. As much as I love Jason Newsted, Robert Trujillo is just a much better bassist. Technically speaking, he is even better than Cliff. I really can’t wait to hear his influence on the band:

This is an mp3 of a lengthy Trujillo solo with some still pictures. It’s kind of meandering, but about four minutes into it he goes into some Orion, and I really like his improvisations off the main theme. He surely does Cliff proud:

Finally, this video is just interesting. Lions, and buffalo, and crocodiles, oh my! It gets exciting about two minutes into it:

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  1. June 15, 2007 9:10 pm

    Fan…very nice stuff. I couldn’t agree more with Gov. Arnold. At least there is one politician residing in CA that makes some sense now and then. But it is the truth. The Mexican Nationals residing in CA are choking the state like a creeping vine of ivy…and it’s spreading across the country!

    China may be too powerful for us to overtake if need be. Most of our country just simply does not have the guts necessary. Read my post on Gen M. Jeff Thompson the “Swamp Fox of the Confederacy”. We need to emulate him. There is a great article from Jim McGhee about him.

    That stuff from Rob was super. But Cliff Burton he is not. Tough separate Myth from Reality I guess, but no doubt about it, Cliff would be proud of Rob and he is the perfect fit for Metallica. Jason did his best, but he really probably never quite fit I think. Rob is awesome!

    And nature is so cool! What would have been cooler is if about 3 or 4 croc’s would have flanked the lions and dragged one or two in! Their bellies must have been full already, because they can surely do it!

    Nice stuff!

  2. June 15, 2007 9:10 pm

    Oh, I also finally have linked your site on my sites. I thought they were already…sorry about that!

  3. June 16, 2007 1:53 am

    That’s cool. Yeah, I was looking at the 8th Missouri site earlier, and saw the post about Thompson.

    I was looking at some information on Sherman today too, and saw that he is buried in the Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis along with Chouteau (one of the founders of St. Louis), Tennessee Williams, and Dred Scott. The cemetery is right next to the Bellefontaine Cemetery where Generals Buell and Price are also buried along with Eads and William Clark.

    I knew several of these people were buried in St. Louis, but I’m not sure I realized Sherman was. We’ve driven by the cemeteries several times, but I’ve never actually been there. It’s amazing how influential St. Louis and it’s citizens were back in the day.

  4. June 16, 2007 2:01 am

    Oh yeah, in regards to Rob: it’s nigh unto impossible to compare to a legendary dead man. However, I am withholding final judgment until Trujillo gets some Tallica albums under his belt. I have little doubt that he is a stronger technical bassist, and I’ve heard some of his stuff with Ozzy, BLS, and Suicidal Tendancies. He can definitely play. Whether or not he can compose in the same league with Cliff remains to be seen, but either way, I’m fairly certain that the bass is gonna play a bigger role than it did with Jason in the band. Not that Jason had much say in the matter.

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