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The LINK is Right

June 22, 2007

Here’s an article on Nathan Bedford Forrest – It’s unfortunate that history has been so unkind of Forrest. Even Forrest Gump perpetuated the lies about Forrest’s involvement in the KKK. Easily one of the nation’s best cavalry officers, yet he gets far less respect than he should.

James I. Robertson Jr. – Robertson is a well-respected Civil War historian. I put several of his books on my wish list at Amazon.

Iran ‘Unable to take Australians’ – I feel for the Brits. They used to have the most powerful navy in the world, and now the lowly Iranians can capture several of their sailors at sea. It’s a shame they didn’t heed the warnings this prior account indicated.

Proposed Amendment Would Ban All DVD Copying – Yet another reactionary law that would punish the law-abiding citizens more than it would prohibit those engaging in illegal activities. I’m sure glad we have legislators that aren’t influenced by the almighty dollar, and have the intelligence and wisdom to make decisions that the common man couldn’t comprehend.

A funny video from ESPN:

And now, behold one of the greatest action characters ever! This is the first picture of Indiana Jones to surface from the newest installment which is being filmed now:

Still looks pretty darn good.

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