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Chtulu, Master of the LINKs

July 11, 2007

Half-squid/half-octopus found – Just shows that we have a fairly minor understanding of what lives beneath the sea.

Microholography milks 500 gb out of DVD-sized disks – This is a crazy amount of storage space. Man, you could put about 100 full length movies on one disk!

Digital Photography Tips – When I got my digital camera I thought I would try to learn some of the basics of photography. Yeah, I never bothered, but if I ever do, this would be a decent place to start.

Default Password List for Routers – This is handy if you ever have to reset your router settings and forget the default log-in info.

China executes ex-food safety chief – Yowzers. Imagine if they killed all of the corrupt and inept people in Washington D.C. We’d only have a handful of people left.

$200 laptop by Asus – Kind of cool. I could definitely see having one of these for school or something. Sure beats lugging around a huge laptop, and if you were to break it, lose it, or have it stolen it wouldn’t be such a hit on the pocket book.

Free boxes from the USPS – Who knew? Sure, the boxes are relatively small and are required to be used for postal services only (wink, nudge) but even the shipping is free. Could be really handy for eBay sellers and small businesses.

Birds of prey are awesome. Here is a video of a golden eagle taking out a small deer.

Big cats are pretty impressive too. Here is a cougar defending her cubs from a grizzly bear. Sure, it’s not a fully grown grizzly, but still pretty cool.

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