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Craig Charles

July 11, 2007

I think it's from 2007

I haven’t done any celebrity birthdays for a while due to being occupied with other things or just uninterested (although there were some good ones I missed), but I have to do Craig Charles. Charles is best known in the United States for playing Dave Lister in Red Dwarf. Apparently, he was also a contestant on American Gladiators back in the day. After Dwarf, he hosted Robot Wars, and also starred in Britain’s longest running soap, Coronation Street.

In 1994, Charles was falsely accused, and was stuck in prison for several months which delayed Red Dwarf production. While there, he was attacked by a man wielding a knife. It turns out the accuser just made the whole thing up to get back at him. Nothing like ruining someone’s life for kicks. Lately, he’s been accused of cocaine use.

Charles is 43.

Other birthdays: Greg Grunberg, Michael Rosenbaum, Bruce McGill, Sela Ward, Lisa Rinna, Mindy Sterling, David Kelly, Suzanne Vega, and Leon Spinks.

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