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For a Few LINKs More

August 14, 2007

26 Sites That Pay You to Blog – I haven’t really looked into this, but I will eventually. Why not make a few cents for every hour blogging?

Abandoned but Not Forgotten – I love the idea of abandoned buildings, cities, and civilizations, and especially so in the modern world. This is one of many sites that attempts to list several sites throughout the U.S.

Major Find at Sagalassos – No doubt linked to my previously mentioned fascination with abandoned cities, is my interest in archeology. If I had to do it all over again, I would consider studying archeology as a profession which incorporates my love of history and my near morbid abandonment issues. Anyway, this link talks about a recent discovery of a statue of the Roman emperor, Hadrian.

Doctor Who Scarf – This site is devoted to making replica Doctor Who scarves. Pretty neat. Now if I only knew how to knit.

TARDIS Computer Case – Someone beat me to it. I have kept this idea somewhat secret (in other words I didn’t yap about it online) for several years now. I will still get around to it some day as I have a few other modifications that I would make, but this link gives you an idea on how potentially awesome it could be.

Joss Leaves Door Open a Crack for Serenity II – Great news for fans of Firefly and Serenity. I really wish he would continue with the series in movie form. It’s easily one of the best sci-fi series of all time.

Star Trek Cameo Buzz – Keeping with the sci-fi trend, there are rumors that Tom Cruise will be in the new Star Trek series, but before the Trekkies out there commit suicide they should bear in mind that he’s playing Captain Pike. I actually think that’s a pretty decent cast.

Panoramic View of an Awesome Library – This is a cool picture, but it takes a while to load.

Now for the videos:

You might have already seen it, but here it is for posterity sakes. This guy falls 40-50 feet. They’re crazy:

Noe sent me this video which is pretty funny:

Talk about getting people hooked on games early. This is a two-year-old playing America’s Army and actually doing an OK job of it:

Here’s a clip from the upcoming Guitar Hero III. I think I will stick to the easier versions of the song:

Noe sent me this one too. It’s an awesome edit using the conflict of Smeagol and Gollum:

This is another from Noe, it’s also an awesome edit using some White House Press video:

Finally, here is an awesome caption for a historic picture. It cracks me up every time I see it.

So true.

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