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The Good, the Bad, and the LINKS

August 17, 2007

Russia and China to Hold Joint Military Exercise – Between several things like this and the North Pole we should be in another Cold War pretty soon.

Winkler Free After 67 Days for Killing – It’s good to know that murdering your husband is nearly three times as bad as whatever Paris Hilton did to get locked up.

Scientists Break the Speed of Light – This is actually pretty darn cool.  It’s always exciting to see scientific mainstays altered as we learn more.  Not only is it the greatest criticism of science, but it’s also the strength of science to change as we learn more.  In fact, without that process, science would be no more than mere conjecture.

DIRECTV Plugs into Broadband Over Power Line – I heard Dish is also gonna offer some sort of triple package.  I wish they would, because competition amongst broadband providers is a must at this point.

Great New Hi-Res Images from the Dark Knight – I can’t wait for this movie, but the costume for Batman is a tad gay.

Idea Generator – Kind of funny, and totally reminds me of South Park’s rip on Family Guy.

Size and Distance Comparison – This map illustrates how huge Alaska is in comparison to the rest of the U.S. mainland.  Aside from a typo or two, it’s pretty cool.

LDS Image Libraries – I just noticed that the Church’s website now has an image library which can come in handy for making programs and the like.  They may have had this feature since the relaunch of their site, but I just now became aware of it.

The Prophet Joseph Smith’s Use of the Old Testament – I remember really enjoying this article when it came out.  I especially found the section called, “Affirming Its Literal Meaning” quite interesting.

I don’t have a good segue, but here are the vidz:

I’ll just link to this first video is a viral marketing campaign, but it’s pretty funny.  To scare someone else, you can follow this link.  You can even use their cell phone number, and send them a text message that corresponds with the video.  Funny.

This compilation of car commercials is one of the funniest ad campaigns I’ve ever seen.  My favorites are the theft retrieval and chaperon models.  The pediatric one kind of weirded me out a bit, but the last shot is still funny.

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