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Sylvester McCoy

August 20, 2007

From a convention in 2004.

Sylvester McCoy was the 7th Doctor in the original Doctor Who, and is one of my personal favorites.  I mostly liked his episodes because they had an underlying story arc that was missing for most of the original series.  The new show takes that to a whole new level, and as a result the show is much better.  Of course, the extra resources for special effects and quality sound and video doesn’t hurt.

Today is his companion’s birthday too.  Sophie Aldred played Ace on the show.  She’s also in the top 5-7 companions ever.

I haven’t seen McCoy in anything aside from Doctor Who and the horrid FOX film of the same name, but he played Doctor Who!  That’s more than enough.

McCoy is 64.

Other birthdays: Sophie Aldred, Joan Allen, John Noble, Jonathan Ke Quan, Amy Adams, Isaac Hayes, James Marsters, Corey Carrier, Al Roker, Connie Chung, Fred Durst, and Robert Plant.

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