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From Russia with LINKS

August 31, 2007

RAF Jets Intercept Russian Bomber – Ahh, how we all loved the Cold War.  The good news is that the second Cold War is just getting started!  Between this, their constant war games with China, and their massive Hitler Youth (Putin actually) program that teaches anti-U.S. sentiment we are bound to butt heads with Russia at an ever increasing rate.  Time to write that revamped version of Red Dawn.

Possible Remains of Second Temple Found in Jerusalem – This just illustrates that they have no idea where the Temple was.

Scientists Call for Earth Backup on Moon – You know, in case Earth gets wiped out by the Cylons.

10 Speed Tweaks for Vista – I’ve done several of these before, but just did a few I hadn’t.  We’ll see if they help much.  I think the first service pack is likely to have a better impact on speed, but I’ve been pleased with Vista anyway.

A 1 gig hosting site – I haven’t tested either of these two sites, but their size limits are impressive.

A 2 gig hosting site – Crazy.

ThinkGeek – I’ve been to their site before, but man is it awesome.  Some cool geeky toys and what not.  They even have a kit for a trebuchet!

A cool picture of a Marine’s prosthetic eye – Pretty cool and yet scary all at the same time.

Matt Hughes to Start His Own Fight Team – It’s called H.I.T., or Hughes Intensive Training, and it will be in Granite City, IL.  I guess the hooligans in Granite can start honing their skills in a positive way.


Star Wars Cartoon Trailer – Here is a cool trailer for the Star Wars cartoon in production.  I think it’s essentially dealing with stuff in between Episodes II and III, and save for their faces, looks pretty darn cool.  Way cooler than the previous cartoons animation anyway.

Instructional Videos for Psychos – Actually, some of these are pretty cool.  I want to make a smoke nade now.

Finally, Noe sent me this video of RHCP on Arsenio playing Higher Ground.  Flea is a machine:

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