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Virginia Madsen

September 11, 2007

To quote Monty Python, she has huge tracks of land.

I like Virginia Madsen even if she is a bit of a ginger.  I first saw her in Candyman as I was flipping through the channels late one night, and at first thought it was Gillian Anderson.  Then I caught Madsen on an episode of the schizophrenic Star Trek: Voyager.  Madsen has guested on lots of TV shows including a short-lived cop show that I actually found interesting, called Boomtown.

Madsen really started to get big recently with the critically acclaimed, Sideways in 2004.  I haven’t seen the film, and to be quite honest, the subject matter doesn’t really interest me.  However, I’m glad the film found success as it has enabled Madsen to get more high profile work.  Following Sideways, Madsen starred in A Prairie Home Companion, The Astronaut Farmer, and The Number 23 all of which I liked to varying degrees.

Madsen is 46.

Other birthdays: Roxann Dawson, Harry Connick, Jr., Moby, Brian De Palma, Kristy McNichol, Ludacris, Ariana Richards, Lola Falana, and Amy Madigan.

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