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The Infamous Minnesota Toe-LINKer

September 12, 2007

I’ve been reading about Windows Live Writer for sometime now, and finally decided to give it a whirl .  This is the second posting to my blog that will be utilizing the program, and I am just now twiddling with a couple of plug-ins.  So far, I’m rather pleased.

Now on to the links:

Radio frequencies help burn salt water – Assuming the ecological impact will be minimal and the process will be efficient, it should would be nice to get off our dependence on oil.

Minnesota Toe Licker nabbed – You MUST follow the link to see the picture of this guy.

Marry Our Daughter – This is a scary site.  I’m fairly certain it’s fake, but the simply doubting that isn’t a pleasant notion.

Girl, 14, fled abuse ‘mind control’ of polygamy – The site above reminds me of stories like this.

Noe sent me this video.  Pretty cool, but not sure why you’d really want to use it:

Noe originally introduced me to the John Butler Trio, and I found this pretty cool instrumental of theirs:

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