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Rest in LINKs

September 25, 2007

Feisty Jack Russell dies after saving five children from marauding pit bulls – I’m not a big fan of dogs in general, but they can come in handy as outdoor guard animals. This little was certainly worth having around.

Please remain seated for landing – This is an incredible picture of a plane crash. The pilot is survived, and is still in his seat.

Pangea Ultima-Earth in 250 Million Years – Scientists believe that the continents will come together again. Kind of like the Earth will be restored to its original state.

Parallel universes exist – I have a root of an idea for a time traveling story, and was basing a lot of it on this notion which coincidentally just popped up recently.

Please Don’t Marry Our Daughters – That outrageous site I linked to the other day is in fact fake as suspected.

Left 4 Dead – Noe gave me a heads up about this zombie game coming out soon. It sounds awesome as there is a co-op mode, and you can even play as zombies. How cool is that. I would really like to see more co-op games, and this is the perfect scenario for such a game.

Simunition – My to do list includes:

1) Purchase a few AKs

2) Get Simunition systems

3) Recruit some friends

4) Have a blast (gun pun intended) shooting each other safely

SMPlayer – This is my new favorite media player. You don’t even need to install any codecs to get this player to play just about any file type of media. My only complaint is that you cannot change the aspect ratio on the fly like you can in VLC. At least, I haven’t found that option yet.

Explorer Views – As soon as installed a Microsoft OS on a computer I change the Explorer view settings to just the way I like them: list, sorted by type, show extensions, and hidden files and folders. Unfortunately, for some insane reason, you couldn’t do this easily on Vista. This has been one of the very few complaints I’ve had with Vista, but this guy found a registry hack that makes Vista cooperate. It worked like a charm.

Protecting the Guatemalan Beaded Lizard – I recently saw an interesting show on PBS about using toxins and venoms found in nature to combat illness and disease. This story indicates that an endangered lizard’s venom has been helpful in treating diabetes.

Solar-Powered Laser – Magnesium as a source of energy sounds good to me.

The Accent Transplant: Brain Surgery Leaves Yorkshire Boy Speaking Like the Queen – Stories like this are amazing, and just go to show you that our comprehension of the brain is nearly nonexistent.

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