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Rowe, Rowe, Rowe your LINKs

September 25, 2007

Mike Rowe is host of one of my favorite shows, Dirty Jobs.  Back before he made it big, he was one of the guys hocking crap on QVC.  Here are some examples of his work on the show:

Here he talks about his thing for Ariel:

That last video seems like a nice segue into this obviously edited, but quite funny video of a QVC caller:

Noe sent me this video of a pee-wee hockey brawl.  It’s quite funny:

He also sent me this video of Darth Vader singing the blues:

This is an old video, but I love to see it.  It’s the original British version of the America’s Got Talent, you know, minus the America bit.  The guy is awesome, and his performance took everyone by surprise.  The female judge looked especially… pleased:

Speaking of surprising performances, I thought this was an impressive display of skating ability:

This is a guy playing guitar with all kind of parlor tricks.  Still kind of fun to watch:

Billy Sheehan is much more impressive.  Every time I see this clip I think there’s no reason for me to ever bother trying to play bass again:

Sheehan also did a tour with fellow bass studs Jeff Berlin and Stu Hamm.  Here is a crappy recording of them playing the Spinal Tap classic, Big Bottom:

Here is Stu playing a pretty awesome version of the Star-Spangled Banner:

This is Jeff Berlin playing his version called “Clinton Country.”  I think this is the most impressive bass instrumental I’ve ever heard, and spent years trying to track down who played the track.  Eventually I found out, and bought the CD just for this song:

Finally, here is a track that I inadvertently left off of the soundtrack suggestions list.  It’s Regina Spektor‘s Samson:

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