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Manifest Destiny revisited

October 3, 2007

I know there is absolutely no chance of this happening, and I realize that the mislead Christians of the nation look upon such action (at least so far as I propose to do it) as an evil pursuit, but I really feel that our nation’s borders should be expanded.  We can no longer expand west across America, so that leaves us with northern and southern expansion.

I do not propose to envelope Canada and Mexico through violent or otherwise oppressive action.  I do suggest that all involved would be greatly benefited by the inclusion of what now constitutes the nations as candidates for statehood within the United States of America (several states obviously).

Surely, our neighbors to the north and south have more in common with us than with the European nations that spawned them.  In fact, given our current state of affairs, it is nearly impossible to discern a Canadian from an American, or an American from a Mexican. 

The term “American” is in and of itself misleading.  Canadians and Mexicans are as American as citizens of the United States by virtue of the fact that we all dwell in North America.  Why not follow the course already set upon by fully integrating our societies together?

The issue of illegal immigration would be virtually nullified, the tensions resulting from that issue would be completely removed, our combined resources and manpower would bolster our already powerful nation, and our national identity as Americans would also be more fully amalgamated along the lines of the melting pot phenomenon earlier in our nation’s history. 

The success of the European Union and our modern world should act as a catalyst for such a course.  Our situation would differ in at least one significant way, however.  The European Union is made up of several sovereign nations, and is really united under a common pursuit of economic stability.  The United States of America would be just as it is now: one sovereign nation.  All states would retain their authority and self-governance already constituted, but there would be only one federal government.

I suggest mandatory English and Spanish education in public schools, and the use of both languages in all official documentation and government facilities.  The French-speaking people of Quebec would become an even less significant minority in this regard.

I would also use such a significant change as an opportunity to scrap the bureaucratic nightmare that is our federal government.  The Constitution and Bill or Rights would remain, but the subsequent amendments would be removed only to be remain if ratified again through the means provided within the Constitution.  The states would be given more control of their affairs.  This would also afford us the opportunity to eliminate the partisan aspect of our political spectrum. 

Reintroduction of some federally and state funded work projects would replace the welfare system.  Anyone unable or unwilling to serve in the private sector could enlist in their states’ work force, and each state would be called upon to contribute manpower for some projects necessary for the benefit of the nation as a whole.  These workers would receive just compensation as a means to support themselves and their families, and would not be robbed of their pride nor would they be coddled into a complacent welfare class.

Partisan politics is an antiquated concept and serves only to perpetuate a ruling class’ control over the masses.  In our modern world, there is no reason to separate into opposing parties.  Every citizen would have the ability to communicate and research a given topic independently of partisan persuasion.   Each issue could be determined on its own merit as opposed to grouping several concepts together as a supposed platform.

A flat tax would be instituted with no means of manipulating the system through a series of deductions, and no no occupation will work more than an eight hour shift.  No employee can work more than eight hours, and there must be 12 hours between every shift.  This would allow the citizenry more time to spend with their families, and would put the nation’s work force on a field more consistent with the rest of the western world in terms of holiday time.  Furthermore, by default the number of jobs would increase, and efficiency could be improved with a better rested work force.

The United States of America would remove itself from the United Nations, and all overseas military installations would be closed.  Our nation would not be isolationist, but would only engage in military action if called upon by a sovereign nation for aid.  No aid will be given unless a military contingent be allowed to insure its proper distribution.  In return for any aid received, the nation in question would be expected to facilitate good will and strong trade relations with the United States of America.  Failure to do so would result in termination of all aid present and future.

Meanwhile, the military would be called upon to strengthen our borders and national defense infrastructure within our borders.  Furthermore, NASA and the rest of the military would focus their efforts on obtaining new sources of fuel and energy that require no dependence on foreign nations, and our efforts in space and subterranean exploration and colonization would become a primary goal as a means to more fully defend the nation.

I fully recognize that the vast majority of these changes will never be made, but I hope some of them at least will be pursued.  The fact is that those currently in power among the governments of Canada, the currently constituted United States, and Mexico will never relinquish their grip on their means of controlling their respective peoples.  Furthermore, the only way I envision the people rising up to regain their right to self-government would be if our nations suffered some cataclysmic damage either of natural course or as the result of an attack from foreign powers.

A fellow can dream can’t he?


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