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Eye see a bad LINK rising

October 17, 2007

New artificial cornea in the works – We’re getting ever closer to cyborgs.  I claim dibs on the jet boots and laser cannons.

Vicente Fox and King Bush plan new North American currency – I hate Vicente Fox, and I hate the fact that Mexico is undermining America and no one seems to care.  I’m all for a unified North America as I’ve stated before, but only if the United States is sovereign, and they join the Union as states.

Use your PS2 controllers on your PC – I didn’t realize they made adapters that allow you to do this, but I might have to get one.

Goonies sequel an absolute certainty – So say Sean Astin and Corey Feldman.  I’m almost certain this would suck, but I still wouldn’t mind seeing it done in case it doesn’t.

George Lucas planning Star Wars TV series – The headline makes it sound like it’s breaking news, but this story has been around for a long time.  I am glad to see that they are beginning production, and I can’t wait to see the series.


On the subject of Star Wars, this has got to be the best display of talent in the history of pageantry.

Joshua found this video, and it might be NSFW.  I like the music though, and the zombie theme is interesting if not disturbing.  The band is from Sweden, and they’re called Naked Ape.

Nick sent me this one.  The music OK.  I would be more impressed if Opeth would stop screaming completely.

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