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I give up on using LINK in the subject

November 9, 2007

Army tests James Bond style tank that is invisible – I’m just glad it’s not from Russia with or without love. They are hush on how it’s done, but I wonder if it simply uses cameras and displays to cast the surrounding landscape over the tank. Pretty cool at any rate.

Peter Davison returns to Doctor Who – While I think Peter Davison is the worst of the 10 Doctors, I always liked the episodes that brought more than one Doctor together. While Davison was still the Doctor, they tied in the previous four Doctors into one episode (well, a look-a-like for the first, as Hartnell was dead, and Tom Baker was essentially a mannequin). Davison was the youngest Doctor ever, and Randolph and I were curious as to how they will deal with his rather obvious aging.

FamilySearch Indexing – I read a blurb about this in the Ensign a while back, and think I will give it a go here soon. A pretty cool idea.

A working replica of The Last Starfighter arcade game – I still love the cheesy classic of the 80s that is The Last Starfighter. If ever there is an intergalactic defense dependent on Tecmo Super Bowl prowess, I’ll be in line.

9 Creative staircases – I’ve actually seen one of these before, but I must say that using the steps as drawers is pretty clever. The slide and the tree are my favorite though.

Making a working Star Trek Phaser out of PS3 parts – Well, sort of. It looks cool though, eh?


I think Nick sent this to me. It might have been Noe though. At any rate, this three year old boy is better at Guitar Hero than many adults I’ve seen attempt to play it.

This one is straight out of Kids Say the Darndest Things.

I remember seeing this on TV once, and thought it was pretty funny.

ESPN commentator eats the world’s hottest chili pepper on camera. I’m impressed he was able to keep going as long as he did.

The F-15 has the distinction of never being shot down in combat. The Israeli’s know how durable the jet is as this video shows that it can land despite losing a wing.

As cool as the F-15 is, the Apache is my favorite killing machine. These guys have much bigger dice than I do to stand there as an Apache buzzes them.

This is an Apache in action. The saps didn’t know what hit em.

This video has been rated mature so you may need to log into YouTube to view it, but I don’t consider it any worse than the previous one. This time the Apache uses some missiles to dispatch some bad guys.

This video has been rated mature for it’s language, and although I am unaware of what was used to drop the bomb and the video is kind of bouncy, I think it’s worth a look to see some of the precision modern combat has to offer.

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