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Save the Spock, save the world

November 19, 2007

Pictures of Zachary Quinto as Spock – I really hope this movie doesn’t stink.

World Sunlight Map – This is a pretty darn cool image that shows realtime sun exposure throughout the world.

A Maritime Pompeii – This is really cool.

Shifting sands reveal World War II fighter plane lost for 65 years – The P-38s were cool.

Oil shale may finally have its moment – I hope this pans out.  I also wish I had craploads of cash to invest in Shell.

Compounds in cranberries may be antibacterial agents – Interesting.

Pioneering ‘heat wave’ gun may be used in Iraq – I remember reading about this several weeks ago.  Sounds interesting, but I am curious what kind of side effects we’ll encounter with its use.


This is a cool instructional video on how to generate heat for your home by utilizing the sun.  Sure, it only works for daylight hours, but it still could help cut costs.

I’ve posted to the newer version of this video, but I didn’t realize their was an alternate version until I stumbled upon this.


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