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I love when science fiction comes to life

December 11, 2007

Huge “Ocean” Discovered Inside Earth – This is pretty interesting. Watch the Chinese try to find a way to suck it dry.

Google shoots for the moon – and gets its first taker – I love that private investors are getting into the space race. Our space programs has grown bloated and stagnant, and it’s good to see other innovators enter the mix. It sounds like a plot for a James Bond movie.

Honda Robots Pair Up to Lend a Hand – This is just awesome. They want robots on the street by 2010. Those crazy Japanese and their robots.

Virus Stars Like a Cold But Can Turn Into a Killer – This just makes you wonder when the next great flue pandemic will strike.

Cable Digital Descrambler Filters – Is there a legitimate reason to have one of these?

The Windows Feedback Program – This is a pretty cool deal. You basically let Microsoft monitor your Windows usage for a 2 month period, and in so doing not only help in the development of new software, but also get a copy of Vista Ultimate, or Office 2007, or a few other Microsoft packages.

Naked DSL arrives – but you’ll get a better price next month – AT&T is finally being slightly more open about “dry loop” or “naked” DSL services. Basically, you don’t need any other AT&T services to utilize DSL which is quite nice for people that use a cell phone as their primary phone.


This video is definitely NSFW (that’s not safe for work meaning language and subject matter is risque to say the least). I think it’s hilarious though, given the goofballs singing it (the Asian guy was also in Knocked Up), and that the song is just downright catchy.

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