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The Northern Lights not caused by visible flatulence

December 15, 2007

Energy source of northern lights found – This explanation of a stream of charged particles from the sun is not nearly as fun.

Huge newfound part of Milky Way rotates backwards – This kind of discovery indicates how exciting astronomy can be.

Clemens enlists attorney to fight steroid allegations – As well he should. I’ve seen tons of ESPN commentators, sports journalists, and inexplicably, Senator John McCain, already convict Clemens. WHY? Because some useless investigatory report quotes a trainer that says he injected Clemens with steroids? So, because someone said it’s true, it is? Since when? If they lack the evidence to convict someone of illegal drug use, then they have no business calling the person a drug user. I hope Clemens wins, and people realize how eerily reminiscent this character assassination is to McCarthyism.

Utah firm wants to go where GPS doesn’t – Isn’t it interesting that businesses in Utah tend to exploit activities that most LDS tend to shy away from? “Stay out of debt,” yet one of the largest credit card companies is based in Salt Lake City. I’d wager this story is similar. I bet most members consider embedded chips to be The Mark of the Beast, or at least strikingly similar, yet this company wants to tag everyone. I suppose these companies could be run by entities who aren’t members of the Church, but I have my doubts. I think it more likely that they are capitalizing on the religious fear of others just like the televangelists do. If so, they’ll get theirs.

Fire Away – This article argues that most soldiers do indeed fire their weapons despite the persistent post-WWII claim that only a fraction of soldiers do. Neither can be proven, but I think this one tends to be closer to the mark. – This looks to be a promising site. It allows you to share multiple files with others via a web interface. It also doesn’t require registration, and could come in handy.


This cat is funny. It barely acknowledges the camera operator even when they move in closer.

Luke just sent me this Carrie Underwood video. I don’t like Underwood’s music, but the reason he sent me the video is that the main, male actor (I know actor denotes sex, but a lot of people these days use it independent of sex, which is plain stupid. What is wrong with saying actress? Does that denigrate females in some way? I think not.) in the video is a classmate of ours. It’s kind of funny seeing someone you haven’t seen in over 10 years in a music video of a popular artist. He’s the guy that shows up about a minute into the video. He’s wearing a white shirt and a dark vest.

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