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Some random video action

December 26, 2007

Normally, I do one post for videos and links, but I have so many of each right now that I will just do videos for this one.

This is pretty impressive:

And this is pretty cool too:

Josh showed me this video which is pretty funny, and the song is catchy too:

I’m fairly certain I’ve posted this guy before, but I thought this instrument was pretty cool too:

This is mildly amusing. It reminds me of the Backwards Earth episode of Red Dwarf. The guy sings a song backwards, and then plays it in reverse to show what he was singing. I figured it out, can you tell what he’s singing?:

This kid is only 9 years old, and is the best Guitar Hero player I’ve ever seen. Now if he’d just use that kind of tenacity to play a real guitar:

This is one funny little kid:

Joshua just sent me this one too. It totally reminds me of this book of baby pictures I have. It’s a bunch of old baby photos with funny captions. This kid would fit right in:

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