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Video games LINKed to helping people?

January 19, 2008

Contact lenses with circuits, lights a possible platform for superhuman vision – Awesome. Especially if they can make them look like normal eyes.

Picture of the new version of the Enterprise – I really hope this movie doesn’t suck the big one. It seems they’ve changed the warp nacelles slightly, but the change makes it more believable.

Gamer uses virtual medic training to help save a life – Who said video games were useless? America’s Army is still my favorite game even though it drives me bonkers.


The Cruise indoctrination video for Scientology – I am surprised this video is still available, as most have been removed and lawsuits are a flying. So, watch it while you can. Here’s the thing, I think Cruise gets a bum deal. Mike Huckabee and thousands of Christians talk like this about their beliefs. Sure, I think some of his beliefs are off here and there, but he seems to be dedicated to them. That’s still more than can be said for a lot of others. The ramblings get increasingly more… interesting as it goes along. Still, cut the man some slack.

I came across some young, advanced drummers. I would think this would come more naturally than playing guitar, but it’s still quite impressive. There are tons of videos of this Polish kid playing quite well from a very young age. Here he is at the ripe, old age of 5.

Here is a Polish news story on him. The kid is good, and I think that bass player might be his dad. That would explain some of it. This video was when he was 4.

This kid isn’t as good, but the video is kind of neat as it shows him progressing from 2-9. He definitely shoots for a Neil Peart sound towards the end, and that ain’t a bad thing.

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