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I need to stop doing LINKs

February 5, 2008

Well, at least the way I do them now.  I think I need to focus one post on one link.  The problem is, I am too lazy to do that, and that’s why I end up with a dozen things to link to.

Scientists discover way to reverse loss of memory – The brain is awesome.  It’s a shame we know so little.

Arrested Development movie in the works? – One of my favorite shows of all time might be made into a movie, and I’m hesitant to fully support the idea.  The series finale was so perfect it seems a travesty to risk minimizing its awesomeness.  Then again, I would love to see the cast back together again.

M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Happening” trailer – I like his films, but this looks better than most.  It doesn’t hurt that it has Zooey Deschanel.  No, sir.  Not one bit.

HDR Wallpapers – High Dynamic Range images tend to either look ultra-realistic or bordering on fake.  Either way, these photos make good background images for your PC, and this site has them in high res versions.  Awesome.

Another quiz to show you which candidate you should vote for – Ron Paul wins again.

Ron Paul highlights from the Reagan Library debate – Look at McCain and Romney smirk the whole time.  I will never vote for either one of them.

Clean your monitor – Just click it and enjoy.  It’s funnier if you play music while you watch this mutt “clean” your screen.


NSFW outburst from ESPN bigmouth, Chris Berman.  This guy is such a tool.  If you didn’t hate him before, you probably will now.

One of the coolest toy sets EVER!  I want one.

Also NSFW video of Sarah Silverman singing a song to her boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel.  It’s really only funny because of Matt Damon.

This is a pretty cool video of… well, I guess it’s kind of a flash mob art piece of sorts.

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