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Run, Fatboy, Run (2007 PG-13)

March 16, 2008

The movie poster.


The only reason I even watched Run, Fatboy, Run was because of the cast, or more specifically, Simon Pegg. Hank Azaria, Dylan Moran, Thandie Newton, and Harish Patel round out the fairly strong principle cast. India de Beaufont also has a small role, and made quite the impression. Matthew Fenton did an acceptable job as the young son. It’s not the strongest cast in the world, but of the major players I found nothing to complain about. They all handled their parts well.

David Walliams and Stephen Merchant both make cameos, and Walliams’ scene is particularly funny.

Cast = 17


There is nothing super spectacular about the soundtrack, but it does flow nicely in terms of pacing and feel. There are tracks from David Bowie to Bing Crosby. The movie just rolls nicely, and a lot of that is due to good use of music throughout.

Soundtrack/Score = 15

Quote/Catch Phrase

Sometimes I hate this category, because it almost demands one-liners or a profound statement of some sort. Movies like this don’t tend to have either. There may have been one exchange that could qualify, but these types of films are good precisely because of the fast-paced dialog sparring. Funny lines are shot out, and the scenes just keeps moving. So, I can’t feel good about giving it a lower score here as it certainly doesn’t deserve to be penalized on those grounds.

Here’s a good example of the kind of humor that pervades the film:

Gordon (Moran): You have been trying to get through to Libby for five years now. So, maybe you should… let her go.

Dennis (Pegg): What is her problem?

Gordon: Dennis, you left her at the altar when she was pregnant.

Dennis: But that was ages ago!

Gordon: Well, women remember that stuff.

Quote/Catch Phrase = 15


The story itself is fairly cliched and predictable, but somehow isn’t detrimental to the overall feel of the film except for one bit at the end. The premise is that Simon Pegg is having problems growing up. Five years ago he leaves his pregnant fiancee at the altar, and his life has been a shambles since. He finds out his wife is dating the “perfect” guy (Azaria), and he (Pegg) decides to change his life in an effort to win back his ex who he realizes is his “true” love.

Not unlike the classic 80s films, the film culminates in a competition, a charity marathon. As expected, Pegg “wins,” but not before an extremely lame slow-motion sequence. It’s a shame really, because with this one exception, David Schwimmer directed a pretty solid film. Pegg and Michael Ian Black penned the script, and there are plenty of laughs. This film could easily have been Rated R due to language and content, but they wisely reined things in a bit to keep it PG-13.

Story = 16


I think this film has the potential to be re-watched numerous times. While there were no stand-out one-liners, there were plenty of good interactive sequences that produce ample laughs. As I’ve previously mentioned, Pegg is one of my favorites, and I could watch his comedies just about every day.

Sure, the film is predictable, but most comedies are, and as this one so closely mirrors 80s comedies in so many ways it hardly hurts the rewatchability. After all, I still watch 80s movies all the time.

Rewatchability = 19

Total Score = 82

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Brent permalink
    March 28, 2008 9:21 pm

    Looks very funny. I was laughing hard from just the trailer!

  2. March 29, 2008 12:47 pm

    It was funny. Some language here and there, but otherwise pretty darn good.

  3. bonuisha permalink
    March 30, 2008 11:10 pm

    run fatboy run was an AMAZING movie.


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