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Time to beat down the Russians

August 11, 2008

OK, we stayed out of the situation with Georgia despite the fact that the Georgians are our allies.  I can’t say I’m too upset with that, as it could be argued the Russians were doing the same thing we did in Iraq (the first time that is).  However, the Georgians have pulled out of the contested area and their request for a cease-fire in order to engage in diplomacy has been completely ignored by the still advancing Russians.

My distrust and hatred of the Russians was ingrained in me as the Cold War was drawing to an end.  I just don’t see a point in time when I will ever take them at their word, and their recent actions don’t help that cause.  President Bush has apparently warned the Russians to back down, but how many Georgians have to suffer and die before we actually do anything?  You know, if we weren’t deployed to areas with people that don’t want our help, we might actually be in condition to help those that do.

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