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Death Magnetic is Awesome

September 5, 2008

All right, in case you hadn’t heard, Death Magnetic leaked. The story is that a French record store started selling the CD early. As a result, it is all over the place now.

I think it sucks for the people who pre-ordered and got the streaming deal with it. They paid for the benefit of hearing it first, and that was taken from them. That sucks. Then again, they can’t be too disappointed, because the album is awesome.

Not surprisingly, all of the tracks are on YouTube. I don’t think linking to them will affect sales a bit, as I for one am certainly buying the album regardless of leaks or anything like that.

As expected, the songs are growing on me with each listen. Familiarity breeds appreciation for me when it comes to music. That’s assuming I like it enough to even bother listening to it again. Right now, my favorite tracks are “All Nightmare Long,” “The Day That Never Comes,” “Unforgiven III,” and “The Judas Kiss” in no particular order, but even “My Apocalypse” (which I initially thought would be my least favorite Metallica song) is growing on me substantially. Anyway, here’s the stuff.

01. That Was Just Your Life

02. The End of the Line

03. Broken, Beat, and Scarred

04. The Day That Never Comes – this is the actual music video

05. All Nightmare Long

06. Cyanide

07. The Unforgiven III

08. The Judas Kiss

09. Suicide & Redemption

10. My Apocalypse

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  1. September 5, 2008 4:12 pm

    In all honesty, I haven’t listened to Metallica since ’96, but I’m going to give the album a listen. After hearing many good reviews about this album (and Metallica) geting back to their 1980’s head banging thrashing roots, I might become converted once again

  2. September 5, 2008 4:32 pm

    There are definitely glimpses of the older stuff, including some riffs that sound almost exactly like older stuff, but the thing I like most about Metallica is their progression from album to album. This is no different in that respect from any of their albums. They do what they want, and if people like it, so much the better. That to me is far more satisfying than bands and artists that try to give fans what they think they want.

  3. September 10, 2008 1:27 am

    Each and every one of the songs on the album are great in thier own way…..some require a few listens to aquire a taste for, but once you have a go at the album from track 1 to 10…nonstop… you’ll remember what made you metallica fan in the first place……kirk is a beast on every song….lars finally remembered how to play the drums!!!(aside from that “St.Anger” snare, James’ voice is back! and Rob…. well, can’t really hear much of the bass but when you do hear it…. is amazing!……………….that being said….back to st. anger…some of those songs “HAD” potential….but hell, every band puts out that 1 so-so album…yea yea some people are gonna say “Load and Re-Load is where they fell off)…i beg to differ…load and reload were great albums…unique and different from who metallica origianally were…but give those 2 albums another listen…I guarantee you will find a bunch of great songs you thought were never there!

  4. September 10, 2008 2:22 am

    Yeah, you’re preaching to the choir on Load and Reload. I love em.

    I actually don’t see Metallica falling off at all. St. Anger was perfect for what it was, and the band apparently needed that type of record then. Those songs kick major butt live too.

    As for Death Magnetic, I totally agree. I love all of the tracks, and I just keep liking it more and more. I actually do hear the bass quite a bit, and its overall influence (read Rob) on the album as a whole is quite pleasing to me (as I dabble in bass). I love Jasonic and all, but I am extremely glad Trujillo is the bassist. I think a great deal of the success of this record can rightfully be attributed to his inclusion in the band.

  5. James Bennet permalink
    September 12, 2008 3:22 pm

    I play bass and to ricky and lister, yes you can hear the bass. (intro to cyanide for example). It just follows the guitar really closely in places, which makes it sound really thick and loud. They did the same thing on justice, but sadly a bad mix job totally destroyed the effect and made it virtually bassless.

    I didnt like st anger that much , but it got me into metallica in thee first place. Mainly the crap drums,lack of sollos and “killer” riffs just made it a not so good album, And yes, i liked the black album. But not load/reload (apart from king nothing and memory remains). They were just not my sort of thing.

    I thing DM is as good as MoP or Justice. It just sounds awesome.

    Listen to all nigtmare long and broken, beaten and scarred. Its awesome.

    DM is a very good album. It grows on you. Listen to the whole thing through twice on your own and you will see u tapping yout feet. Thats the sign of a good album

    Didnt like Unforgiven III though. Thats the one crappy song.

    I agree, tujillo is an awesome bassist, i like the kinda funky tone he has baught to some of the songs.

    I saw them play at reading festival this year (cyanide, sanitarium, lightning, kill em all, for whom the bell tolls, sandman, nothing else matters, so what, creeping death, master, justice, harvester and one) and tujillo was awesome (note how there was no st. anger songs played and only one from load/reload)

    and who thinks the day from never comes from 3:25 to 4:00 sounds like a wierd cross between the intro to justice, and the middle riff from dade to black

  6. September 13, 2008 6:59 am

    I think DM is as good as MOP in that it’s a Metallica album, but I think MOP at least gets the edge in terms of nostalgia and certainly in terms of mixing.

    I personally loved Unforgiven III.

    There are definitely some similar sounding riffs on this album. Similar in that they definitely sound like older stuff. The riff during the solo in The Day That Never Comes at 6:46 is the opening riff of Motorbreath, hehe.

    My one and only complaint of the album is the mixing. Why?

  7. Rick Horsman permalink
    September 13, 2008 10:09 am

    Death Magnetic is a great album and infact it’s the only album I’ve purchased in the past 2 years. It’s just terrific from start to finish and I think that it being leaked to the net early has resulted in increased sales because personally after hearing the tracks I kne I needed to buy it out of respect for what they’ve done. Otherwise I may have not bought it. Especially not the day it was dropped.

    On a side note Saint Anger was a good album it was just a weak showing as far as Metallica is concerned. If had have been any other new and upcoming metal bands it would have received rave reviews IMO

  8. September 13, 2008 11:07 am

    Yeah, I completely agree with you in terms of, for lack of a better term, piracy. There have been tons of albums, artists, and movies I’ve purchased as a direct result of getting their stuff online first. Unfortunately, I don’t think most people truly act that way. I think most just steal it with no desire or design to later purchase the material, and that is a shame. Ultimately, all quality art will cease if there is no physical incentives for the quality artists.

    I digress.

    St. Anger was definitely not Metallica’s best album, but I tend to agree with the band’s view of it: it was vital for them to make that record then. Those songs are awesome live too. I think with some tweaking it could have been better, but as they said (I think it was James) in Some Kind of Monster, they’d already done that with Load and Reload. St. Anger was a way for them to just be raw, and that rawness has set the stage for the production of Death Magnetic. I don’t think there would be a Death Magnetic without St. Anger. I’m not sure there would be a Metallica without St. Anger.

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