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Metallica – The Lord of the Unforgiven III v2.0

September 10, 2008

After watching the video several times, I decided that I needed to make some changes that I was too lazy to do earlier. 

First, I tightened up some timing issues and removed some flash frames that some how snuck through. 

Then, I added some evolution of Smeagol bits towards the beginning in place of just a long shot of him hiding in his cave.

Finally, I removed the scene with Aragorn squaring off with the Orcs.  For musical flow purposes it fit pretty well, but the idea of the video was the ring and the direct influence it had on people and their actions.  At that particular point, Aragorn was influenced secondarily as a means to protect Frodo.  Anyway, I replaced it with the shot of Frodo running from Boromir with the ring on.  It was good getting the eye in there somewhere.

I think this version is markedly better.  Here is v2.0

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