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My videos on Dailymotion

October 22, 2008

Well, I just redid my Stillborn Star Wars video to fix the resolution, and make a few alterations. I was going to upload it to that Chinese site, but I forgot my account information. It was hard navigating the site to try and rectify the situation, as I don’t read Chinese characters.

Anyway, Dale suggested Dailymotion, and I am happy to say the “finished” videos all uploaded quickly. They can be seen at my Dailymotion page.

I saved my early videos in an incorrect resolution. They look fine on a 4×3 display, but not so nice on a 16×9 widescreen. So, I am going back and painstakingly correcting them. Which means essentially redoing the videos completely. The good news is that the video quality should be improved substantially (has so far in this first video). I still have four to do.

So far, my only problem with Dailymotion is some of the advertising, but they can be blocked if need be.

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