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Star Trek trailer

November 19, 2008

I thought I had posted this already, but I guess not.  Despite what the trailer says, the wait is not yet over, and I am less patient after watching this.

Rick Berman ran the Star Trek universe so far into the ground that I started to miss Cardassians.  I figure J.J. Abrams cannot possibly do worse with a reboot.  Heck, what was Enterprise if not a disregard for Star Trek “history.”  At least Abrams had the good sense to bring back the miniskirts, hehe.  I also like the cast that he’s assembled (Pegg, Quinto, Urban, Bana, Cho, Ryder, and of course, Nimoy), and I can’t wait to see how Star Trek plays out.  As long as Janeway is not involved, and especially as an admiral, I’ll be pacified at least.

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