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My Top 10 Least Favorite Movies of 2008

December 17, 2008

10. The Bank Job – R

Wouldn't say it was horrible.

It’s not like this film is total crap, but after it was over it left me thinking, “Why did I bother watching this?” It’s “based” on a true story, and had some interesting bits, but ended up feeling like every other heist movie ever made except not as good as the best ones, and not as the bad as the worst. I feel somewhat remiss in adding it to this list, but I need ten films.

09. The Forbidden Kingdom – PG-13

Would otherwise have been pretty good without the crappy kid.

This movie could have been so much more, and it too wouldn’t be on my Top 10 Worst if I had seen more crappy films this year. Finally, we see Jackie Chan and Jet Li in the same movie, but sadly that movie is in Engrish. Worst yet, the poor-man’s Shia LaBeouf pretty much ruined any charm the film had. I don’t necessarily mind the language, but the lead can’t annoy the crap out of you. I wanted him to fail by the most gruesome death allowed in a PG-13 movie.

08. Strange Wilderness – R

Might be better if you're high.

I just happened to see this DVD at Best Buy, and I saw a cast that includes Steve Zahn, Jonah Hill, Allen Covert, Justin Long, Jeff Garlin, Robert Patrick, Blake Clark, and the legendary Ernest Borgnine. “Surely,” I thought, “this film has to be worth a few chuckles.” I was right more literally than I hoped.

07. Step Brothers – R

Unrated DVDs equal badness.

I saw the unrated DVD, and I have to say that comedies should stop releasing unrated versions. I have yet to see a version that I thought was better than the cinematic release, and have seen several that were much, much worse. This is definitely in the latter category, or, at least I hope so, because if the theatrical release was this bad, then it would be towards the top of this list for sure.

06. Day of the Dead – R

Not the worst zombie film I've seen.

Another remake of a George Romero classic, but despite the fact that it’s my least favorite Romero zombie flick, this remake still isn’t worth a watch. It wasn’t the worst film I’ve ever seen, but I just can’t see myself watching it again.

05. You Don’t Mess With the Zohan – PG-13

I do want to see Sandler's new film.

The chick was hot, and I laughed here and there, but this is no Happy Gilmore.

04. Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay – R

The next one needs to focus on NPH.

I only watched this because someone “forced” me to watch the first film. It was even lamer than its prequel, and like the first, Neil Patrick Harris is by far the best part.

03. The Love Guru – PG-13

I've never been a big Mike Meyers fan.

Jessica Alba is hot, I think all comedies are funnier with the inclusion of midgets (screw you, PC police) and Verne Troyer is especially awesome, hockey is my overall favorite sport, I’ve had a thing for Mariska Hargitay for several years, but this movie still sucks a big one.

02. Space Chimps – G

I don't really like animated films anyway.

Andy Samberg is a comedic genius, but this film wasted his talents along with Patrick Warburton‘s, Jeff Daniels, and Cheryl Hines‘. It doesn’t help that it’s an animated movie, but at least the animals are only understood by non-humans. Chimply horrible… like that play on words.

01. Feast II: Sloppy Seconds – R

His girlfriend shouldn't be the lead.

I liked John Gulager‘s Feast after watching it being made via Project Greenlight 3, but I didn’t even bother finishing this film. I barely even started it in fact. I have sat through some horrible films in my day, so that gives you some idea on how I feel about this one.

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